A year after we bought your beautiful home on Rimrock Court, we are so pleased about the quality home you have built for us, and your service.  Doug and I are proud to own this great house.

Thank you,



Dear Mike,

We want to say "Thank you", again for the wonderful job you did with the reconstruction of our home.  We are so pleased with the end result and appreciate all the coordinating you did to accomplish this!
Curt, Chuck, Alan, Perry, Denny, Darrell and Dan are to be commended for their excellent workmanship. All of them are experts in their areas.

Tom & Karol


Dear Denny and Mike,

      Welcome back to the neighborhood! We're glad to see another house going up down the street. These cold January days remind us of the framing crew chipping away at the ice on the roof trusses of our house last winter. We want you to know that we're still as pleased with the house today as we were the first day we moved in.

      Everyone who worked on the house had a great attitude - we think that has a lot to do with the quality of the construction and the attention to detail. We haven't forgotten the frantic pace of the last month of construction, and that meeting our deadline saved us much in terms of the mortgage. You really came through when you said you would.

      Please tell everyone involved that we're very happy with the house and that we appreciate all their hard work. It was good doing business with the two of you.


   Cynthia and John


      How many people can say they would do it all over again? We can, and we built during the floods of 1993! And if we did, we would definitely use Flynn Homes.

      When we decided to build our first new home, we had specific qualities we were looking for in our builder:

  • First and foremost we wanted a builder who used quality materials, building techniques and subcontractors.
  • We also wanted a builder who would pay attention to all the details.
  • We needed a builder who would be willing to explore new ideas and find ways to make them work

      Our project was unique in several aspects: an out of state architect and building consultant, several out of state subcontractors and several unique building and architectural elements.

      Flynn Homes handled every challenge we and Mother Nature gave them and we were thrilled with the results! We have a beautiful, quality built home.

    Bonnie and Roger

Dear Mike,

 Thank you for the beautiful deck.  We are both extremely excited.

 I so appreciate your personal attention on this project.  It has been a pleasure!

   Bob & Stacy


Dear Mike,

 Thank you for turning the lemon I bought into lemonade!

 The workmanship, attention to detail and kindness you showed my mother was and is the reason why I wish you had a branch on the East Coast!

 My mom is smiling a lot now and a big reason is because of the wonderful work your company did.

     Thanks Again,

Hello Mike,
     I just wanted to say thanks. As you know we had a helluva storm here last Monday. Mike, the house handled all this wind and rain with out a hitch. (The house across the street built at the exact same time as ours, had water in the lower level already, due to not soaking the back fill as you did.) We are really enjoying the new house. Thanks for building it so soundly as well as beautifully.
    Your work was significantly tested repeatedly this spring and early summer and easily passed.  I don't mind paying a little extra money for contractors who do things right. It saves in the long run. Thanks for being those kind of guys!

John & Gail Denny  

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